Updates On International Business And Live Events Across Europe Horizon International Group October 26, 2020

Updates On International Business And Live Events Across Europe

live events across europe

What is the future holding for every event that requires public gathering? This is the question that is disturbing the mind of every event, conference, and live show organizer.

All of these events rely on people turning up in person, and that is not currently possible with some venues closed or at a reduced capacity, and with travel restrictions in place – not to mention various other safety precautions required at the venue itself.

For example: regardless of the city or state, the new normal at live-music events could very well include requiring each attendee to register for contact tracing and to undergo temperature checks before being admitted. Plexiglas shields will abound. Hand-sanitizing locations may be approximately as abundant as red plastic beer cups. The number of people permitted in the restrooms at any one time will be rigidly restricted.

On the other hand, conferences, which normally see participators assembling centrally in a hotel or events center, include lots of close meetings; members sitting close up, sharing buffets, and speaking in tight areas. Many see hundreds of participants traveling in from around the world.

Probably, numerous events will likely go back to standard and recommence as they always have, but given the extensive costs involved in travel and participation in such conferences, for example, the 20th European Business Summit, and the capability for online tools to reproduce the experience, in large part, without those same expenses, it may well be that the event industry is transformed forever as a result of COVID-19.

Nothing can replicate engaging people in-person, but depending on your purposes in attending such events, maybe, people will be re-thinking their procedure moving forward.

As any nations start to loosen constraints, event organizers are thinking out how to restart the music industry and maintain fans safe. Just like what happened in August in the UK, Groups of up to five turned out to watch musician Sam Fender from one of 500 raised metal platforms at the arena in Gosforth Park, Newcastle, Northern England.

Distancing is reinforced on arrival. Cars are parked at two meters distance before patrons are guided to their private platformed separate viewing sections, while food and drink can be requested beforehand or via an app for collecting or distribution.

Several musicians and comedians — including Van Morrison, Jimmy Carry, and Bill Bailey — will follow suit later in the year in a series of events.

Considering this, it seems evident that transportation has a straightforward influence on event frequenting. If an attendee has doubts about whether to head to an event or not, the decision might rest on how easy it is to get there. This is why many companies, especially ground transportation ones, are finding new ways of taking care of this important part of event organizing.

Companies like Horizon International Group, given their extensive experience in this field, are prepared to handle likely situations in the best way possible, always following respective guidelines indicated by health organizations and taking care of every need to details, in order to give their clients a well-organized event with an amazing outcome.

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