The Future of The Live Events Industry After Covid-19 & Its Transportation Service Needs Horizon International Group October 27, 2020

The Future of The Live Events Industry After Covid-19 & Its Transportation Service Needs

future of live events after covid 19

The global events industry, representing millions of professionals, builds identity and drives change, workforce improvement, and education. It is essential and will play a crucial role in the world’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

We are, at our essence as human beings, summoned to connect face to face. We share our narratives, life joys, and our journeys to create welcoming conditions and significant, life-affirming encounters through these face-to-face experiences. Yet, on March 12, Live Nation and AEG — two of the world’s largest concert promoters — both stopped all of the year’s arena tours. And till now, none of them hasn’t yet revealed any plans for future performances or events.

The pandemic has hit every touring musician way off-trail. Based on the impact that Covid-19 has had globally, here is what feedback is given from people with vast experience in the events industry:

“Art has been slower to go fully online than almost every other sector, and there is a good reason for that, which is that these works are meant to be seen in person. You can’t replicate the experience of seeing an artwork in person on a digital platform. That’s why people will get on a plane to fly to Paris or Florence or New York to see the works in those museums.” VICTORIA SIDDALL, GLOBAL DIRECTOR, FRIEZE FAIRS.

However, will it be business as normal for event organizers, including transportation services? Sadly not, but as planners, we are more than competent in readjusting and modifying our services to the situation, aren’t we? In this daring times, we have to encourage ourselves for a new aspect in meetings and events.

Hosting events will be challenging after the pandemic. For most organizers, the risk element is unbearable and virtual, and hybrid solutions will be part of the new normal. However, with the right standards and involvement of health and safety specialists, and guidelines in place, we will be able to create, organize, host, or attend live events.

Transportation is among the most affected sectors in the world that will surely have to change its way of processes and business forms. There are several issues and challenges in front of the transportation companies and their services, to gain the customer’s trust back in them and safeguard their safety and security. Passengers will also need to follow certain safety precautions, such as keeping a distance of two meters from other travelers, especially when waiting in line. You may also need to wear a face mask when traveling through enclosed public places, including the airport and populated areas.

Horizon International Group is one of the first companies to have adopted the best guidelines to follow in order to offer safer and comfortable transportation mean during such times. This not only for personal transportation needed to reach certain locations at certain times, but also to organize in every detail and follow such details strictly, in transportation services for live events, shows, meetings, and conferences as they slowly start reopening.

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