Institutional Transportation Services

An institutional ceremony is an event attended by representatives of public or private institutions or well-known figures in the areas of culture, politics and society. These types of events can have varying objectives and therefore require special skills when it comes to communication, public relations and protocol. Proper organization, timing and minimizing contingencies are absolutely essential, especially when dealing with institutional events that welcome attendees from several countries and/or cultures. Horizon has extensive knowledge in the organization of institutional events, including Embassy delegations, Diplomatic ceremonies, annual events and more.

Our experience organizing institutional events 
There are different types of institutional events depending on their objective and the profile of their organizers and attendees. These factors will determine if the event allows for more informality and flexibility or if it requires a more serious, rigid planning. At Horizon we are experienced organizing institutional events, and we also help to decide and design what type of logistic plan is best suited for each organization.   
There is no institutional event that does not imply a strict protocol, which must be reflected in the precedence of the figures and symbols, the presidencies and the status of guests. 

Professional Services

Diplomatic protocol service is conducted by specialized experienced team elite group of Drivers. Our key to success is continues training and learning from the industry leaders to be ready for the day our affiliates need us to deliver. Our protocol ensures that all entities receive unbiased and respectful treatment through formal modes of speech, dress and action. Chauffeurs are English speaking Close protection operative trained. Our operative is in continues training to maintain the highest standard of service.